Create Marketing that Everyone Loves? Challenge Accepted!

This week we had the opportunity to hear about the “Future of Marketing” from HubSpot’s own, Rick Burnes. In a Power Breakfast series held by the Wilmington Business Journal, we discussed how marketing has evolved and what we can do to delight our clients long-term. The key? Understand that the customer is in control, and keep their attention by providing valuable information and tailored content.

What happens when your audience is in control, and your content isn’t lovable?

  1. 86% skip TV ads
  2. 91%unsubscribe from email lists
  3. 44% of direct mail is not opened
  4. 200M are on the Do Not Call Registry

The inbound marketing approach is a hot topic in 2014. This concept uses laser focused marketing magnets to draw potential clients into the sales funnel. Every potential customer has a personality, goals, struggles and ideas.  As a HubSpot Certified agency, some of our favorite inbound tools include: Blogs, interactive modules, photos/infographics, videos & podcasts, slide decks and eBooks.

Here’s the question. Do you need a tool, or a solution?

If inbound marketing is so hot, then what’s the catch and why isn’t everyone on the planet using it? Because there are tools, and there are solutions. Tools get the job done, have great ROI and we all love using them! However, are you always sure that you have the right tool for the job?  Can your tool adapt to your business as your grow? Casting a wider, more creative net is what develops a solution.  A solution includes a variety of digital marketing initiatives, and this all begins with a solid strategy, and a strong team.


When it comes to a comprehensive marketing strategy, one size fits all doesn’t exist. As a digital marketing agency, it is our goal to build trust and deliver results. This begins with a holistic approach. A full circle digital strategy begins with a deep dive into the core of our client’s business. With a thorough analysis and audit of a company’s website, goals of future business, demographic audit, etc. that is when you can begin to shape a strong strategy.  Based on our discovery phase, we leverage our capabilities to build a plan that fits your business.  Some of recommended solutions include:

  1. Training: Social & Digital training for your organization – Virtual, on-site, & eLearning
  2. Strategy: Talk + Trust = Transaction. Use content, campaigns, social media and SEO/SMO to fuel your growth
  3. Marketing: Engagement is priceless. Social media, local marketing, paid ads and mobile solutions
  4. Digital PR: Protect, propel and humanize your organizationvia reputation management and media relations

To learn more about the capabilities here at SayItSocial, take a look through our latest Capabilities Brochure or visit us at www.SayItSocial.com.


About Mandy Curtin

With a blend of digital marketing, PR and social media experience, Mandy brings to the table a fresh, creative approach to our clients’ needs. When she’s not brainstorming for digital domination or expanding her social toolbox, you’ll find exploring the outdoors or enjoying live music. Please connect with Mandy Curtin on Google+

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