10 Surprising Social Media Facts [Infographic]

12 August 2014
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There certainly seems to be a lot of talk about power users on Twitter, but did you know that your biggest advocates have the least amount of followers?

Fewer than 1/10 mentions will come from power users.

Why does this matter? Don’t just focus your social media strategy around power users. Brand advocates come in all shapes and sizes and hold your company’s reputation in the palm of their hands. What these advocates tell their audiences, ultimately, affects your bottom line – no matter how many followers they have.

And what about customer service on Twitter?

Did you know that 53% of users who tweet at a brand expect a response within the hour?

Is your company set up for social listening to monitor these brand advocates and to take care of customer service issues? Here at SayItSocial, we train companies to do just that and have found that companies are having a hard time breaking down their departmental silos. In order to analyze this in some more depth, we even conducted a year long study on the state of social customer service. If your company isn’t using social for customer service, you need to get on-board!

These are just 2 out of 1o awesome social media facts brought to you via Mainstreethost! Check out the rest below and tell us, which takeaways could you use to improve your digital marketing strategy?


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