Facebook is Becoming More “Meaningful”, And So Should You!

26 January 2018
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Must-Do’s After Jan. 11, 2018 Facebook Announcement 

After the recent attention from the U.S. Government, FB announced a monumental shift in the way advertisers and publishers will be able to use the platform to interact with users and achieve business objectives from now on. The 2018 Feed Update will essentially put greater emphasis on “meaningful reactions between people” (ie you will see less content and posts from business, brands and media publishers.)

Zuckerberg cites “a responsibility to make sure our services aren’t just fun to use, but also good for people’s well-being” as justification for the change, admitting that companies will have to work harder to gain their customers’ attention.

So, how do you continue reaching customers on Facebook?

While the exact impact of the change is unclear, we know that, quote, “meaningful reactions” are important. If you can’t say that about your Facebook followers currently, then here are a few things to help you tread these scary waters.

  1. Comments are key but don’t ask for them. Nobody likes an “engagement-baiter” according to Facebook so don’t use terms like: “COMMENT”, “SHARE”, and “TAG” in your post content.
  2. Do not post if it is not meaningful – cut the crap and only spend time on posting highly relevant content. (Also, do not boost a low engaging post to increase its engagement)
  3. Ask good questions – don’t illicit reactions by asking stupid questions like, “Do you like the beach?”. Instead, create content that encourages meaningful community conversations: “What’s your ideal dream vacation? Tell us the coolest place you’ve visited and some tips on area attractions.”
  4. Facebook allows people to manually prioritize the content they see in their news feed. Ask them to see yours first with the “SEE FIRST” feature.
  5. SPEND MORE on advertising. (We saw this coming)
  6. Go LIVE Often – Live videos will help start discussions and generate reactions among viewers
  7. GET INVOLVED and engage in Facebook groups with your customers
  8.  Do not expect Facebook to drive traffic to your website. It probably won’t.
  9. Chatbots and messaging should be a bigger focus.
  10. Start telling stories about real people – Which means you truly have to care about your customers.
  11. Focus on the metrics that matter more now – ie – comments, shares instead of page likes and web traffic.
  12. PS – Facebook still wants us to use stories – idk we’ll see…

In conclusion, Facebook wants to make the world a better place so we all need to play nice and start caring about our customers.


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