3 ways to get better engagement and marketing ROI in 2019

3 December 2018
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‘Tis the season when marketers scramble to stay on top of the biggest trends to implement in the new year. With a digital marketing opportunity around every corner these days, it’s easy to get lost in all of the potential. Don’t let the new year preparation overwhelm you. No matter which marketing trend you intend to capitalize on, make sure you’re providing a memorable experience for your audience. The best way to provide that experience in 2019 is with immersive marketing. A large percentage of people make up their minds about brands based on digital interactions alone, and it’s becoming more important for brands to have less of a billboard mindset and be more experiential in order to stand-out from competitors.

We’re seeing this across every industry. In real estate, 92% of homebuyers searched the internet before every speaking to an agent. Over 41% of home buyers found interactive online maps useful, and 40% also used virtual tours to interact with potential homes online. (…Read More)

About Tiffany Odem-Rodriquez

ABOUT TIFFANY ODOM-RODRIQUEZ Ole Miss graduate and friend of all dogs. Tiffany is an avid marketing blogger and part-time yogi. When she's not blogging about marketing or on her yoga mat, you can probably find her at the dog park, a local wine bar or somewhere outside on a patio living her best life in Wilmington.

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