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(Feel free to download our social media policy)

These principles along with the SayItSocial Standards of Conduct (see section 4, Employee Manual) should be known, understood and strictly followed.

This policy is designed to protect SayItSocial and the rights of each employee. We actively encourage employees to engage in social media. Participation in social business on behalf of SayItSocial is not a right but an opportunity, so please treat it seriously and with respect.

These Principles are intended to outline how company values should be demonstrated in the social media community and to guide your participation in this area, both personally, as well as when you are acting on behalf of the Company. They will evolve as new social networking tools emerge, so check back regularly to make sure you’re up to date.

Be Transparent

Your honesty will be noted in the Social Media environment. Use your real name and be clear about your role. If you have a vested interest in what you are discussing, be the first to say so. When writing on your own social accounts, be clear that you are speaking from your own personal perspective and not that of the company. If need be, include a disclaimer noting that your social media content is yours. [For example: “These opinions are my own and not representative of SayItSocial.”]

Be Honest: In Your Statements and Your Intent

Never represent yourself or the company in a false or misleading way.  All statements must be true and not misleading. All claims must be validated. Post meaningful, respectful comments — in other words, no spam and no remarks that are off-topic or offensive. When participating on behalf of SayItSocial, always keep in mind the best interests of the company and the values of the company.

Use your Best Judgment

Have fun, but be smart. The best advice is to approach the online world in the same way you do the physical one – by using sound judgment and common sense. Be smart about protecting yourself, your privacy, and SayItSocial. What you publish is widely accessible, so consider content carefully.

Get Permission

Ask permission to publish or report on conversations that are meant to be private or internal with the company.  Make sure your efforts to be transparent don’t violate SayItSocial’s privacy, confidentiality, and legal guidelines for external, commercial speech. The same rules apply to other questionable information. If there is a question of whether or not it should/can be shared, know the answer before doing it.

Personal Social Accounts

Employees are encouraged to have their own social accounts. In these identities, and when commenting on other sites about SayItSocial-related topics, employees should clearly identify themselves as SayItSocial employees. If it is not clear that you are an employee of the company, you may call into question the objectivity and integrity of your post or comment.

Company Rights

Understand that you are legally liable for anything you write or present online. If there is a concern about your personal social media activities — either the time spent during regular work hours or that the content you are writing is defamatory, employees can be disciplined by the company. Disregard for the best interest of SayItSocial can lead to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.

Share Knowledge. Be Creative.

Stick to your area of expertise and do feel free to provide unique, individual perspectives on non-confidential activities at SayItSocial. If you’re going to make bold statements, make sure you behave diplomatically, have the facts straight and that you have the appropriate permissions. 

Legal and Crisis

Never comment on anything related to legal matters, litigation, or any parties SayItSocial may be in litigation with until you have consulted with management first. Never participate in Social Media when the topic being discussed may be considered a crisis situation. Refer all Social Media activity around legal matters or crisis topics to PR and/or HR Department. If employees have a question or concern about their usage or impacts, consult with your direct manager or partner, who will respond in a rapid manner.

If there are any questions regarding this policy, please direct them to

I have read, understand and agree to abide by these principles:


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