Marketing Trends and Strategies for 2019 – Free Marketing Playbook

It’s the year 2019 and marketers are sitting back wondering, “what will happen next?!” With algorithm changes, rebrands, layout tests, the attention span of GenZ, and so much more, we wanted to give our best predictions of the marketing trends and strategies for 2019.

social media marketing playbook

Insert SISDigital’s 2019 Digital Marketing Playbook! Our team put together a free digital book of the latest marketing trends and strategies to help you navigate through the digital jungle and start the new year off right! Below are some of the topics that we cover based on research and areas of expertise. Each section includes a blurb on how this strategy or trend might affect GenZ. Having this specific insight will benefit marketers working hard to grab the attention of generation “entertain me!”


  • CONVERSATIONAL MARKETING: Content Marketing in 2019
  • NEW SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIES: Leveraging Social Media in 2019
  • MODERN ADVERTISING: Where to Put Ad Dollars in 2019
  • BRANDING + PUBLIC RELATIONS: The Importance of Influencer Marketing in 2019
  • BREAKING THROUGH THE CLUTTER & NOISE: How to be Organized in 2019


Download your free copy today, and tag us on your social channels letting us know how you’re going to implement some of these strategies into your marketing plans this year!

About Meg Ahrenberg

Radford University & Quinnipiac University Graduate from Chesapeake, Virginia who ventured to The Port City upon completing her Master's degree. Lover of the beach, the outdoors, live tweeting, and a good Netflix binge. Sometimes you can find her singing around town, and she loves to stay involved in community events!

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