Aramark Case Study

22 October 2013
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Aramark Case Study: a leader in providing award-winning food services

The training consisted of two engaging, interactive multimedia courses with background music and voice over features to keep  users engaged.

Aramark, a leader in providing award-winning food services, facilities management and career apparel to businesses across the globe, came to SayItSocial, already with an understanding that social media is the fabric and foundation of how people talk today. They were, however, uncertain of how to capitalize upon two of their evolving social channels and therefore requested foundational training of how to use both Twitter and LinkedIn to their maximum potential.


• Introduce ARAMARK Business Development & HR staff to Twitter, lay out its importance in today's digital space and highlight the functions of a Twitter Profile

• Explain the platform's fundamentals, what various features do, and most importantly how it could benefit ARAMARK as a company

• Train ARAMARK staff on how to use a Twitter Brand Page for related industries

• Teach ARAMARK staff how to Listen, Engage and Create Appropriate Content on Twitter


• Highlight the functions of LinkedIn and its importance in today's digital business space

• Train ARAMARK Business Development and HR staff on how to use LinkedIn as a recruiting tool and for business development

• Teach ARAMARK staff how to use LinkedIn to search and connect with influencers of their industry and how to effectively update their personal profiles

• Explain thoroughly how using LinkedIn effectively could benefit ARAMARK as a company

Delivered in SCORM 2.1 format, the course was taken by an initial 200 employees and made available to anyone within the ARAMARK organization afterward.