How To Choose A Social Media Marketing Company

Facebook and Twitter are just the two biggest names being tossed around today. With over 500 million people using Facebook – 250 million, every day – and 106 million Tweeters sending out 55 million tweets daily, social media is huge. It is important that any company looking to compete has the ability to have a dominating presence in Social Media Marketing. If you do not have a good marketing campaign lined up, better yet a strategy, you will be left in the dust. Take a look at this Google Insights chart showing interest in “Social Media Marketing” dating back to 2004;


With such importance being placed on social media marketing, it puts even more importance on finding the right Social Media Marketing Company. They will be able to provide the social media consulting that a company will need in order to make an impact in this vital market. The right company should be able to develop a winning strategy. In order to make sure that you choose the right one, make sure that they can provide proven performance in case studies and be able to monitor the results of the campaign. Other things to look for;

Proving the Social Marketing Worth

The very first thing to look for in a social marketing consulting firm is that they are able to show how they have been successful through other clients. They should be able to offer case studies in which they break down the position of the company they worked for, the marketing strategy they employed and the result of the campaign.

The right social media marketing company should be able to show you case after case where they have been successful. Do not hesitate to check the facts for yourself online. If the corporate social media strategy used by the agency was effective, the numbers presented should not have evaporated quickly. You should be able to look at the Facebook page of businesses they have worked with and see signs of success or at least growth.

Monitoring is Important

The best way to know if something is working is to pay attention to how it is received. This is why it is important that the right social media marketing company has the ability to monitor progress. They will be able to see if a strategy was successful as well as making sure that to recalculate if there needs to be changes made.

In many cases, you will try a marketing stunt to see if it works. The expertise of the social media marketing company is their ability to offer social media training so that your company will eventually be able to see why a stunt worked and where it fell short. This will allow your company to eventually run its own social media marketing campaign.

Building Your Strategy

Once you have a feel for how the social media marketing company will work, it is important to take a look at how well they will work with you. This means talking with the representative from the firm to find out what strategy they would recommend for you. This is the true test because if they do not understand your company and what you are trying to achieve, there is no hope for a good working relationship which will breed success.

In summary, to choose the right Social Media Marketing Company, you will:

  • Look at case studies
  • Look for successful campaigns
  • Look for ability to monitor successfully
  • Look for agency with the ability to adapt
  • Look for agency with ability to train
  • Analyze your ability to work together

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Ty Downing is a social & digital media strategist, speaker, trainer, CEO of SISDigital. Please connect with Ty on... Ty Downing….and Google+.

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