Facebook Ads: How Much Does Body Text Play a Role?

21 July 2011
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While monitoring a Facebook Ad campaign for a client, I had a few interesting realizations involving the ad copy (or text portion of the ad). I thought I’d share these simple yet significant realizations in hopes of sparing some hair pulling by frustrated advertisers.

This ad campaign was focused around a Gas Card Giveaway with the objective of directing fans to the client’s Facebook page to enter the contest. As many know, the best approach to Facebook advertising is trial and error. Have an idea? Try it, monitor it, analyze it, and make changes as needed. Well, I had the grand idea to use a mysterious element to lure in users. I thought that maybe if I kept the ad copy vague, users would be intrigued and click to find out more. After all, who doesn’t want free gas? Here is an illustration of my master plan and its results:

An increase in clicks of 1000% and an increase in connections of 400%! I learned my lesson and was happy with the major turnaround in outcome. Let’s all learn from my mistakes and be sure to keep a few things in mind when drafting our next ad copy. Here are my take-aways:
• Catch attention by asking a question
• Use a clear call-to-action
• Openly state what prize users could receive (if applicable)
• Don’t be afraid to try again if your first ad flops!

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Lauren Formalarie is a Project Manager and Trainer at SayItSocial, focusing on digital marketing strategy and project development as well as live, virtual and eLearning training initiatives.

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