Why Are Some Totally Leaving Facebook? [EPIC FAIL]

18 July 2011
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What a buzz there has been since Google Plus launched a couple of weeks ago. We here at SayItSocial have really been active in using it, and excited to see how it continues to amaze us at it’s ease of use, and “hangouts” (team fave). Oddly enough though, we are seeing supposed “Thought Leaders” and social marketing consultants totally leave Facebook for Google Plus…huh? Serious? Don’t get us wrong, we love Google Plus, and even are preparing for business pages, but to totally leave almost a billion people social site, steeped deep into a highly effective business marketing tool is an EPIC FAIL period…

How can a social media company, consultant, or thought leader just up and leave? How could you ever have freedom of speech at a speaking event, or social media event teaching businesses how to use ALL tools of social media? The answer is you cant. We owe it to businesses to utilize Facebook and Google Plus. Consider this, it is predicted that Facebook will surpass Google in advertising revenues soon…uh…hello? And you are leaving Facebook? Again we have to keep in mind this is business we are talking about, if you leave Facebook totally in favor for G+ for pure social networking reasons, have at it, G+ is much cleaner, but if you are a social media for business personality, thought leader, teacher or company, I have lost respect for you…

One final point, I read a post about a well known social media advocate actually selling a 2 hour virtual workshop on Google plus, same one that totally left Facebook (You know who you are) Really? The network is 1 1/2 weeks old? What is there to know and charge people? I tell you what, I’ll show you (From Google) everything there is to know about this infant social site right here for FREE….save your coin until we get more details…

These are the humble opinions of Ty Downing… 🙂

About Ty Downing

Ty Downing is a social & digital media strategist, speaker, trainer, CEO of SISDigital. Please connect with Ty on... Ty Downing….and Google+.

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