4 Reasons to use ShortStack for creating Facebook Apps

11 March 2013
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If the fact that Facebook officially acquired one billion users last year didn’t enforce its importance for business,  then their latest announcement of a fresh look for the newsfeed, in addition to the recent introduction of Graph Search, should have. You already login almost daily (just admit it..) and we know that not because we’re stalking you (although someone else surely is), because the proof is in the numbers. There is a plethora of tools available on the web nowadays for every type of industry to be actively involved and leveraging social media for business – and there are no excuses!


ShortStack’s customizable widgets can be dragged and dropped inside the app, making them easy to use.

But, that should be old news to most of you.

We’ve seen the days of static fbml pages come and go, almost as quickly as the websites that continue to sprout up offering “the best social marketing tool of all time.” Truthfully, it is the software capable of surpassing all of the changes Facebook consistently throws at us that prove to be useful.  ShortStack, the Facebook custom app tool, has been a life saver for SayItSocial, as well as many of our clients.

1. The number one reason we believe ShortStack proves to be so great? Its simple!

According to their website, ShortStack is a content management system for Facebook Pages. With ShortStack, you can add custom content to a Facebook Page, run promotions, gather data, and much, much more.

2. Though simple, you can do virtually anything with it.

Don’t take the “much, much more” they claim in their description lightly. Over the years of using ShortStack, we have created anything from a simple photo voting tab for an Instagram contest; to blog, Pinterest and other RSS feeds; to customized gaming apps; to web pages with downloadable white papers (yes, you can create web pages). And you can add a lead-generating, custom form to every app as well.

Whether you are a designer with extensive knowledge of code, an agency marketing multiple businesses or an average Joe trying to improve your small business, ShortStack is made for you. With its incredibly simplistic drag-and-drop userface – make fun, creative apps on your Facebook page through their pre-made templates with your brand’s own custom touch; or for the code geeks out there, create any tab imaginable.

If you don’t use the free version of ShortStack (that’s right, Free), every one of the reasonably priced subscriptions let you white label your apps.

3. Its Viral!

Ah, the magic word of social media marketing. Every single aspect of a ShortStack app has the opportunity to be shared in virtually every way that Facebook allows for. Add a ‘Friends Invite,’ a ‘Like Button,’ or ‘Comments’ widget to every block on your tab if you want to, and customize exactly what it looks like and says.

ShortStack4. You’re supporting an Awesome team.

Any business named after one of the greatest breakfast foods of all time is bound to be a good one. But that’s not all that makes them great. ShortStack’s team of hard workers (who also love to have fun, clearly!) are the real people behind the cool apps. As any small business owner knows, when you make a commitment to using a product, you want to know its not going to fail you; But if it doesn’t work right, you want a real person to help you make it work. That’s what makes ShortStack awesome.

Try them out yourself!

About Lauren Formalarie

Lauren Formalarie is a Project Manager and Trainer at SayItSocial, focusing on digital marketing strategy and project development as well as live, virtual and eLearning training initiatives.

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