Corporate Social Media Summit New York (#CSMNY) – Day 1 Recap

13 June 2013
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This week, the SayItSocial time is in New York City at Useful Social Media’s Corporate Social Media Summit. The conference is full of Social Media A-Listers, being chaired by Rohit Bhargava, author of Likeonomics. All the people here are very collaborative, forward thinkers, looking for ways to leverage social media to help take their organization to the next level. Recurring themes: all companies want to be tech companies, organizations need a consistent strategy, and training – as most are opting to keep social in-house and forgo the use of agencies. Here are some of the great interactions that we have enjoyed from day one…

There’s now over 360 confirmed delegates for next week’s #CSMNY. It’s going to be ace! ow.ly/lLPBm #csmny
@SayItSocial: We are bringing our #SayItSocial sweetness to New York City next week! #CSMNY pic.twitter.com/076Pb8LalE cc @UsefulSocial
Anyone excited about #CSMNY? I look forward to reconnecting with many of you and forging new relationships with others!
Let the set up begin.. #CSMNY @ New Yorker Hotel instagram.com/p/acElIgQwLs/
The best acronym for CMO = Create More Opportunities #CSMNY
Do not just look at one discreet metric but a dashboard of collective metrics #csmny
Create social media properties around areas of interest. #csmny
#CSMNY Sears works out where there are common interests in there product range and then collaborates internally over social
@jendominiquini So refreshing to see a brand have fun with their marketing. “Ship my Pants is brilliant! #csmny #shipmypants
#csmny you cannot create a video expect it to go viral. You can only ship your pants so much before it stinks
I just shipped my pants in NYC. youtube.com/watch?v=hL4lSa… #csmny #sears #kontera
Create a good social campaign then use social to create buzz – one way of getting CEO to on board with social – @kmart CMO #CSMNY
Social media insight can be skewed because it is a self selected audience not entire customer base #csmny
#CSMNY had to share The Brand Manager’s Guide To #ContentMarketing bit.ly/ContentROI 20 social rock starts lay out the law
Here’s the video that @MichaelDonnelly just shared at #CSMNY youtube.com/watch?v=zgq4Fv… thanks @greggweiss
Data gymnastics, inbound/outbound strategies & more. Huzzah! #CSMNY
People are tweeting about #priceless roughly every 15 seconds twitter.com/search/realtim… #CSMNY
“The history of payments has moved from units of matter to units of trust” – @MichaelDonnelly of @MasterCard #CSMNY
An influencer is not an advocate Turn influencers into advocates. raise share of influence Cory Edwards, Dell #CSMNY
An influencer can be positive or negative. Both have a voice and need to be tracked @kevinespinosa #CSMNY
“Invest in your people, platforms and process to develop strong social strategy.” @jetsetfarryn #CSMNY #Somedia
“Millennials switch between devices 27 times per hour on average” Woah..! #kontera @ahenkin #csmny
That’s a wrap at #CSMNY! Off for a cocktail with @susanrucci and @kaitlinmeiser – best fans evah!

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Kevin is the Chief Operating Officer and Lead Trainer at SayItSocial. His experience ranges from Strategic Social Business Planning to IT Management. Kevin's focus is on digital marketing project development and digital training initiatives.

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