Pressing The Button: Why Twitter Lead Generation Cards Work

11 June 2013
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Twitter-CardsThe stream of information and impressions in a given social media user’s feed is a powerful marketing force, with micro-blogging site Twitter leading the pack for in-the-moment attention captures. A casual browser can swiftly become a customer with the right approach or promo, and in turn become a cheerleader for your brand. Twitter lead generation cards are a new innovation directed towards encouraging engagement with little effort required; they represent the social media site’s newest benefit for managed businesses that utilize its promoted tweet program for inbound marketing.

These lead generation cards use the already-familiar process of expanding a tweet – an action customers are already used to performing to see pictures, videos and other media – to stimulate more direct interaction. The most obvious application of these cards is newsletter signups, but they can also potentially be used for promotions such as flash sales, VIP specials or signing up for waiting lists for pre-order products. Once expanded, the user is offered a one-click button that pulls in information such as their email address, eliminating the familiar bounce-out of customers faced with a signup form and no time or desire to fill it. Especially noteworthy for mobile users, this elegant inbound marketing work-around for typing out info on a tiny screen is very likely to increase on-the-go signups. Additionally, these expandable tweets are seamlessly integrated into the stream, avoiding the jarring and easily-ignored visual of some sponsored promo boxes – they’re simply a tweet with a cause that interested parties can quickly discover through a familiar mechanism of “clicking to expand.”

Reaching out to customers and answering their concerns through social media isn’t an option any longer – it’s as vital as a website, or even an open sign in a store window. Twitter lead generation cards are the proverbial lightning in a bottle – what your customers want, when they want it and without the hassle of forms that could sap engaged interest. Slipped into a world that they’re already engaged and enjoying, these cards may just be the key to bridging the gap between a casual social conversationalist and a dedicated buyer and advocate.


About Kevin Dean

Kevin is the Chief Operating Officer and Lead Trainer at SayItSocial. His experience ranges from Strategic Social Business Planning to IT Management. Kevin's focus is on digital marketing project development and digital training initiatives.

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