How You Can Master Snapchat for Your Business: 6 Quick Tips

9 June 2016
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Before we even start you need to figure out if you really need snapchat in the first place. It’s all the rage right now but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s right for you. If you are primarily B2B, or have an older core demographic you’re barking up the wrong tree.


Snapchats demographics are super young. 71% under 35, most under 24. On top of that, it’s hard to measure ROI on the platform, and driving traffic from it can be difficult. If it’s not for you don’t sweat it, there are a ton of other media outlets for you to work in.
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If you don’t already have Snapchat it takes 2 minutes to get started. Download the app on your smartphone, open it, and create an account. That’s pretty much it. Make sure you set ‘Who can view my story’ to ‘Everyone’

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You’re ready to go!


Alright, the fun part. You’ve got Snapchat all set up and ready to go, but.. what are you supposed to do now?




  1. Show people behind the scenes

    1. Snapchat is all about uncurated unpolished content. Bring people courtside and behind employee only signs. Show your followers what you love about your job that they normally see. It feels cool when you taken behind the scenes, people enjoy feeling that type of connection.
    2. Show how your product or service is created! You post the final dish on instagram and facebook, you put the process of cooking it on snapchat

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  1. Show your personality

  • Showcase your brand identity and the people who work at your company. Don’t compromise your identity or fabricate a new one for the sake of appearances.

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  1. Whenever possible, videos are better than pictures

Not much more to be said about this one. Videos are simply more engaging than pictures.

  1. Don’t overdo or force content

  • If something interesting is happening try and capture it, it not, don’t try and make something happen.
  • On the same note, go easy on the filters and effects. If a video isn’t interesting they’re not going to help.

  1. Don’t forget to drive traffic

  • That’s why you’re doing snapchat in the first place right? Make sure you send people back to your website.

  1. Constantly be growing your following

  • Send people to your snapchat regularly from all of your other channels. Post screenshots of your story, and previews of upcoming things that will be shared there. 


Make sure you have fun! It’ll show

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