Marketers Need to Brace for the Future of VR

19 May 2017
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This week was a big week for WebVR nerds like Ty Downing. Google rolled out some major updates to Daydream and presented a new standalone VR headset with positional tracking that will make VR content look and feel really, really real at this year’s Google I/O conference.

Updates to Daydream

First, Google announced Wednesday that Daydream will soon be able to cast VR sessions directly to your TV so you can share the experience with everyone in the room. Wearing a VR headset around friends was awkward before so we’re glad it’s becoming more of a social activity.

No friends? No worries. Daydream will also allow you to capture screenshots of your VR world to share on social so everyone will be jealous of you. A new dashboard will even allow you to text and access normal Android functions without ever having to leave the VR experience.

New Standalone VR Headset w/ AR

In other news, HTC and Lenova are working with Google to build a new standalone VR headset that will use inside-out positional tracking to track your precise movements in space — without any external sensors to install. AND, it gets smarter as you wear it. The new technology, WorldSense is designed to intelligently look for anchors in the real world while gathering more detailed information about the world around the person wearing the headset. Check it out!

Google demoed a prototype at the conference this week but expect to see new headsets on the market soon.

If you thought VR was just a fad? Think again. Google and other tech giants are clearly focused on advancing VR technology and immersive content that is easier for consumers to digest and adopt into their daily lives. This is an exciting time for marketers as we will soon (if not already😉) create content, deliver stories, and connect with customers in a whole new way.

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