Hey Enterprise, What Are Your Global Rules of Engagement? [Video Interview]

Recently our CEO, Ty Downing was video interviewed by WireBuzz, one of the leaders in video digital marketing (We highly recommend you check them out).  Ty sounded off a number of critical initiatives large scale and global enterprise organizations must consider in our digital world for protection, namely training to assure a “unifying voice” across cross-cultural boundaries.  He also gave solid advice on:

  • Minimizing Risk
  • Understanding how different cultures use different channels
  • Legal ramifications (Employees)
  • Global rules of engagement (corporate policies via multi-media training)
  • Certification courses
  • Training, training, training…
Watch the video for the full story. Below are 2 more interview links.


WireBuzz did 2 more interviews with Ty, don’t miss them…!

[VIDEO] Cross-Cultural Social Media Challenges as Explained By Ty Downing

[VIDEO] Social Media Challenges Multinational Corporations Face

About Lauren Formalarie

Lauren Formalarie is a Project Manager and Trainer at SayItSocial, focusing on digital marketing strategy and project development as well as live, virtual and eLearning training initiatives.

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