4 Things Your Digital Agency Should Be Telling You


The fact that “social media expert” is a real job title which experienced a 1600% growth last year according to Quartz, yet companies continue to remain in social silos, continues to back up a company’s need to outsource their digital strategy. Here’s a hint, those who say they are social media gurus and experts, probably aren’t. But even those who take the smart route and hire agency aren’t being told, or informed of, a multitude of important pieces of information which ultimately may hinder performance and overall goal achievement. So what the ‘H-E-double hockey sticks’ are these ‘Things’?


1. What is your GOAL?

Social conversation and interaction is not an end goal – it is but the means to obtain your objective. Agencies are far too obsessed with ‘likes’ and ‘comments’, which, in their eyes, merits their glitzy end of year bonuses and the like. However when formulating a strategy for social, it all leads back to your business objectives. Your Social Strategy is just one part of achieving a company-wide business goal – such as an increase in sales combined with a glowing reputation. Social is one (important) vehicle, which facilitates this journey – it is not your final destination!


2. Social Success is being on Every Channel…Not.

It’s important to note that each business is unique – that means one company’s strategy will differ greatly to another’s. The necessity for a company to have a presence on a certain platform is decided by industry, goals, reputation and a large handful of other variables! Any design company that appeared in last month’s New York Fashion Week who base their marketing strategies off of visual appeal, who aren’t on visual platforms like Instagram, Polyvore and Pinterest are clearly being misinformed.


3. Oh, You have a website!?

There is a balance which your company should strive to achieve that is between both social networks and your company webpage. I have seen an array of big companies who do not display their social pages in a prominent position on their website which is ultimately evident by the lack of interaction on their pages. On the opposite end of the spectrum, a company shouldn’t rely too heavily on their social pages – websites are there, not just to provide information but to be social too!


4. You Stay Classy San Diego

Finally, your social media agency is your Ron Burgundy – they are not there just to have salon-quality hair, but also to read the news. When Pinterest and Instagram announce rolling out promoted ads, you should be the second person, after your agency, to know about it. Not only this, but through daily, weekly or monthly meetings you should be informed of what the future holds for business – if you don’t know that Mobile traffic’s percentage of internet traffic multiplies 1.5 times every year, so you don’t have plans in place to strategically use this information, your agency is doing something wrong!


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