Vero interesting – We reviewed the trending app, Vero

7 March 2018
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In the span of a week, the re-trending social application Vero went from 150,000 downloads to nearly 3 million. While Vero’s CEO and associates are receiving negative attention in the news, we’ve tasked the team to simply rate the usability and overall features of the application. Find out why SISDigital rated the Vero application a 3/5 below.

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  • Chronological order – Facebook and Instagram steered away from this style feed, but Vero seems to be bringing it back which users seemingly enjoy.
  • Categorized connections – There are three levels when it comes to connections; acquaintances (the default category), friend, and close friend. When you accept a connection you determine where that person falls. Your new connection is not informed of your decision, it is kept internal.
  • No status update/text post – Your feed will not be filled with mindless rambling or a slew of status updates on Vero. Users must post engaging content; photos, videos, music, or links with substance. You can, however, add a caption.
  • Link to other social profiles – When you share content on Vero, you have the ability to share to your other social platforms such as Facebook and/or Twitter.
  • Connected to iTunes – When sharing or searching for music, the apps iTunes plugin allows you and your followers to listen to song clips, and add it to your iTunes or Apple Music playlist, we approve!



  • Server timeouts – Whether it’s the influx of users or just a weak server, Vero’s server timed out nine times upon setting up and using one of our accounts for the first time. We also noticed a large amount of lag time when perusing feeds and user profiles. Vero has addressed the situation on their site’s landing page, stating they are working out the kinks. 
  • Invalid credentials – Some users are experiencing “invalid credential” messages when trying to access their Vero account, even when entering the correct email and password.
  • Limited check-ins – In order to check in to a place, the location must be on Foursquare which can be limiting, especially for newer locations and events.



Best suited for:

Macro and Micro brand influencers, movie or music buffs, hobbyist/review critics, renowned travelers, photographers and videographers.


The ability to choose the newsfeed color. The app’s darker tones do look sharp and tech-savvy, similar vibe to IMDb, but it can come across a bit daunting compared to our bright white newsfeeds on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Clarification on connections and followers, and which one is better when it comes to getting your name out there. How does it affect your profile if you have more followers vs. connections? Is a connection more powerful if they choose to follow you as well? These are questions we hope will answer themselves in due time as our connections continue to grow.

Overall we welcome the content diversity this application brings to the social world, but will it last? Can it become solid competition against our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds? In our opinion, some simplification needs to take place when it comes to finding and building connections, as well as a major update in order to handle the influx of users. We also wonder in time if more will be uncovered when it comes to ownership concerns.

What are your thoughts on Vero and how it will stand against the others? Who do you feel is the proper audience for this platform? Let us know in the comments below.

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