Should Your Business Be Using More Video?

21 August 2014
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In our recent digital dollar shift infographic, we discovered the top 5 investment companies made in 2014. It was no surprise to see video at the top of the list.

Why does your business need video?
  • YouTube presence: YouTube’s searches and related videos mean that any video on their site can live on indefinitely.
  • Search marketing: Google and other search engines give a greater weight to video results. In addition, video-specific searches produce an independent search avenue that stand apart from general web search results.
  • Social marketing: Videos shared through social media produce a call to action more than a simple text update.
  • Email marketing: Studies have shown that email blasts with the word “Video” in the subject receive higher click and open rates. (via Marc Apple of Forward Push Media)

Video should always be a part of your overall digital marketing strategy. It can be used to keep your content fresh and new, which is very important in this fast paced digital landscape where people are looking for “snackable content“. So should you be using MORE video? YES!

How can your business get creative or stay on top with video?

Just yesterday, Google launched the Photo Sphere Camera App on iOS. Although the app isn’t entirely new (a version of this was previously available on Android), it allows you to take 360-degree photos. You are then able to publish them to Google Maps or other social networks – even to your website! What makes this a great tool for businessses is that you’re able to give people a better inside look into your business, town or area. (After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, right?) Additonally, Google states that locally relevant photo spheres may appear in Google Maps itself, helping people to virtually explore the world! From the inside of your headquarters to a dive site in Bermuda, imagine the posibilities!

Where will YOUR company take video in 2015? Chime in below! 

Google Photsphere

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