How You Can Tap Into Facebook’s New Ad Models

2 October 2015
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In light of Advertising Week in NYC, Facebook rolled out 4 new Ad features this week including new ways to buy, measure and optimize your Facebook mobile campaigns. Looking to tap into Facebook’s new ad features? Here’s what you’ll need to know:

Video in Carousel Link Ads

Facebook added the capability to use video in carousel link ads – effectively enhancing visual storytelling capabilities in ads. Carousel ads are visually focused and more interactive than the common static newsfeed ads. Facebook claims that advertisers have seen carousel link ads drive 30-50% lower cost-per-conversion and 20-30% lower cost-per-click than single-image link ads – which makes sense given the various possible combinations of visuals and calls-to-action with carousel ads.

Adding video to these carousels give marketers even more options to create compelling stories for our audiences, so it’s time to step up your ad game.

The best thing about carousel ads is the opportunity to showcase more than one product or page. Previously, marketers could present 3-5 products or pages, but with the addition of video, the options are almost endless. For example:

  • A food product brand could show a video using the ingredient to prepare a meal, followed by photos of various meal preparations, showcasing the product’s versatility.
  • A real estate company could show a national branded video followed by local listings, targeted by location.
  • A retailer can present a video showcasing their new fall line, followed by photos of featured products with links to purchase.


Pair that with the ability to add various calls-to-action and we’ve got ourselves a pretty powerful multi-device ad campaign. Just imagine the lead generation potential from ads that allow consumers to click-to-call directly after they watch a quick clip in their newsfeed!


Brand Awareness Optimization Bidding

Designed to help advertisers find the audience that is most likely to recall their ads, Brand Awareness Optimization measures how many viewers “probably” recall an ad. How? Facebook’s new pattern recognition technology monitors user behavior, and can tell when users consume ads in a manner that differs from their normal behavior. For example, if someone who typically scrolls quickly past ads in their newsfeed slows down on a certain video ad and the ad plays on screen for longer than normal, Facebook will factor this behavior into its ad recollection algorithm.

Marketers can take this “watch data” and combine it with page-like data to predict which users would enjoy the same ad. Conversely, people who don’t interact with the ad, along with like-minded users, can be weeded out of the targeting parameters. With all the talk about ad-blockers and ad-viewability, this could be huge for advertisers.


Mobile Polling

Facebook has partnered with Millward Brown Digital to rollout mobile polling to help measure your campaign’s effectiveness across Facebook and Instagram. Mobile polling also has the ability to improve the Brand Awareness Optimization tool’s (and other campaign model’s) targeting ability by allowing advertisers to poll on smartphones and tablets regarding campaign creative and targeting insights.

mobile polling


TRP Buying (Target Rating Point)

Facebook is coming after your TV budgets. The social network is introducing TRP buying which references the Target Rating Point, a metric familiar to traditional media buyers. TRP buying for Facebook now allows traditional media buyers (even those that are unfamiliar with Facebook’s ad management platform) to purchase Facebook video ads to supplement existing TV ad campaigns – all possible through a call to Facebook’s sales team.

In partnership with Nielsen’s Digital Ad Ratings division, the buying system will verify how well Facebook ads perform simultaneously with TV spots. Using Facebook and TV together will increase the reach/effectiveness of a campaign – potentially with less ad spend.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to revamp your Facebook Ad strategy. Too swamped? We’ve got you covered.

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