Social Media in the Classroom? 5 Pros and Cons to Consider

Have you ever considered the role of social media in the classroom?

Whether you have children or not, it seems that everyone has a stance on this issue, and we’re interested in your feedback!

As we continue to evolve into a closer connection with technology, school is changing. The tools, the environment, the communication…the homework! Here is a list of some of the pros and cons for teaching social media to students, before and during high school.

New Jersey middle schoolers next year may be assigned to tweet and post Facebook updates as part of new classes on social media and internet use. Is your child’s school next?

While this is a hotly-debated topic, we feel that implementing social media responsibly and confidently within a classroom setting is wise and beneficial. Here are the pros and cons, where do you stand?


1. Social media sites can increase student collaboration

Social media sites provide an avenue for students to easily contact one another regarding school projects, group assignments or for help on homework assignments.

2. Using social media in the classroom can encourage more participation

Students who do not participate regularly in class may feel they can express their thoughts through social media

3. Social media sites can be useful for homework help

When students have questions about a class assignment they can easily post a message asking if anyone can help. Untitled

4. Share resources quickly when using social media in the classroom

If the teacher needs to direct students to a particular online resource they can easily share the site through social media sites like twitter.

5. Social media helps keep parents, teachers and students all on the same page

It is very useful for teachers to be able to post on social media sites about class activities, homework assignments and even school events. This helps the teachers, parents and students all stay on the same page.


1. Social media can be a distraction in class

Students could easily be sidetracked from an assignment and it could be difficult for teachers to tell who is paying attention or not.

2. Improper use of social media in the classroom

Students might take advantage of being able to access social media in the classroom and use it for personal interactions instead of for school related activities.

3. Using social media in the classroom can detract from human interactionSocial_Media_Highe_Education

If students are encouraged to participate in class discussions through social media websites this could impact their ability to interact in face to face situations

4. Cyber bullying on social media websites

Some students have experienced cyber bullying through social media. This could increase cyber bullying where students write hurtful messages targeting other students.

5. Posting inappropriate content on social media websites

One of the reasons social media sites are not allowed in schools is because it is difficult to monitor how students use social media sites.

Chime in below! What are your thoughts on teaching, or harnessing social media in the classroom? 

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