Apple signs Texture, an Unlimited Magazine App – We put it up for review.

What started as a review of the mobile app Sip by Product Hunt, soon transferred to Texture – Unlimited Magazines app, which Apple recently bought. Texture is referred to as the “Netflix of Magazines.” We were testing out Sip when we read about Apple purchasing Texture, a digital magazine service created by Next Issue Media LLC. 


Texture - Final March Mobile


So what is Texture?

Well, it’s a lot like stated above, the Netflix of magazines. Categorized under news applications in the app store, Texture was developed by Next Issue Media LLC. For $9.99/month users have access to over 200 publications and some of their archived issues. Publications vary from Forbes, Glamour, to Fit Pregnancy and National Geographic Kids.


  • 200+ Publications – I think the 200+ publications is an automatic pro, at least in my book. It has the most recent publications of each magazine but there are also older, archived magazines you can track back to if desired.
  • Favorites list – Choose a list of favorites upon launching your account, allowing those to appear first in the “My Library” section of the app. The magazines can be changed at any time, you’re not stuck with them for life.
  • Save for later – Save specific articles/stories to read later or to revisit
  • Offline use – Download entire magazines to read when you’re offline or can’t connect to wifi. The app will even keep track of what you have already downloaded.
  • Free Section – If you end up not subscribing to the Texture app, there is a section of free magazines within that app which you would have access to regardless.
  • Data Usage – Notifies you of cellular data being used to download magazines, so you won’t be charged or go over your data limit. They really care!
  • Read time – Gives an estimated read time for each article. It’s marked by a small clock and the length of time it will take to read.

Texture Screen shots



  • Available for free elsewhere? – I’m wondering how many of these articles you can find on the internet for free after publication? Is the monthly subscription worth it? It’s debatable. There is a 7-day free trial, to see if the app is worth it, so that’s cool.


Best Suited For:

Anyone and everyone. If you enjoy the news and reading articles then Texture is a good app for you. To break it down even further, if you’re a big-time traveler, commute to work, or always in the doctor’s office and tired of their out of date magazines, then this would be ideal for you.

All in all, nice scoop, Apple. How much did it cost Apple? No price tag has been released.
As for the Sip app, thanks for giving us the lead on the Texture app! Sip is a nice alternative to Texture if you’re not big into magazines. Easy reader and notifies you as necessary. 




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