2 Steps To Social Synergy

Making your social media cohesive to your social setting.

How do you get seamless branding through your social media platforms and your actual social setting? Whether your social setting be a shopping center, amusement park, or concert, how do you do it? Well, synergy. Creating synergy through both social media and social settings will create consistency for your brand.

A simple definition of Synergy is the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents. Which is what you want your social media and venue to do. You want them to work together to increase brand awareness and sell your product or service.

But I like to think of word synergy in a naive manner. If you want to compose synergy then your social environment and social media should have, get this, similar energy = synergy. Your social media should reflect the feel, atmosphere, and personality of the environment your customer would be walking in to. It creates a wholesome branding. Here are two ways to implement synergy.

  1. In a recent Sprout Social session, Museum of Ice Cream’s head of content and social, Madison Utendahl, spoke about how creating content online should inspire action offline. Right off the bat, you’ll recognize their signature pink color throughout everything, which is key to their branding, it’s a great hook. The MOIC does a lot of work on Instagram, which is great. Since MOIC is a visual and interactive service, it is ideal for them to use Instagram as a way to market themselves since Instagram is visual and interactive based. If you visit MOIC Instagram you’ll see it has a fun, inner child-like post. Then, when you attend MOIC you’ll get the same feel, you have an idea of what you’re getting in to and are less likely to be disappointed. So, if you’re taking on a new client’s social media, be sure to immerse yourself in their product in service, visit the location frequently. Build a personal relationship with the owner. The more you’re around it the better you’ll be able at promoting it.
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    1.  Another way to create synergy is conducting a message with similar wording across several media platforms. Delivering the same exacts message on all platforms possible is okay. But let’s be honest, no one likes a spammer. When constructing a message across all platforms keep the wording similar but adjust elements to specific outlets. For example, Canon’s USA account does a wonderful job adapting their message on different platforms. On Twitter Canon, USA delivers a short sweet message with incorporated hashtags and a photo. On Facebook and Instagram, they elaborated on the message by adding the specs of the camera used, tagging the photographer and other small tweaks. Now, they do not do this for every photo but enough to create cohesion.


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